Five tips for successful deer hunting.

It’s got a Leopold non-adjustable for power scope on it and it’s belonged to one of my crew for a long time and I don’t think I’ve ever fired it but it was just handed to me along with the assurance that it’s sighted in well is it sighted in is it sighted in for me is it sighted in at the 150 meters at which we might have to shoot and is it sighted in for the ammunition I brought now the ammunition I have is Remington green in yellow box 30.6 150 grain pointed soft point bullet and I’ll go back 150 metres and I’ll shoot at this target on your right and we’ll see if it’s zeroed for me and the task at hand [Music] well it looks like our rifles zeroed pretty well now that is not a very good group and I could make excuses about I’ve never fired this rifle before and there were a lot of mosquitoes buzzing around my head but bottom line is that’s not a very good group but it does tell us that at 150 this rifle is on but we know that I might also take a much closer shot so let me go back to 30 meters and I’ll shoot the target on your left and see how we do now when shooting at about 30 meters this time I was shooting offhand but still this is not a particularly good group but it tells us two things one for the distances that I intend to fire this rifle with the ammunition that I’m using are zero just fine and two if I’m gonna use this rifle for opening day I need to practice with it a little more now

I’m in front of Walmart where they sell these pre-made blinds so if you have to hunt on public land or you don’t have the means to put up your own blind and they can range from hundreds of dollars all the way down to this little one here for less than thirty however you’re gonna hunt from something this small you probably need a rifle a little shorter than that model 70 I had earlier now we’ve covered selecting the right place to go hunting the right method getting the right firearm and training with it number four on my list is preparing to go hunting now I could go on for hours just about this but I want to condense it to just a few minutes when I’m talking about preparing I mean a few things first and foremost is prepare for the hunt as in make sure you have your license and deer tag on you I’ve actually seen as we’re getting ready to leave the house somebody’s scrambling to make sure he has his tag because he can’t remember where he put it also preparing for the hunt and things like make sure you have game bags with you make sure you have your gutting and skinning gear with you on your person and that you’ve sharpened it and I don’t mean at midnight the night

I mean days or weeks ahead of time also things like I don’t care what time of day it is or where you’re going carry a flashlight with fresh batteries and make sure you got those fresh batteries a couple of days or weeks ahead of time let me tell you an anecdote we’re going on our annual rabbit hunt we meet at somebody’s house with all the gear and truck we’re leaving town when Joe yes Joe believe it or not announces that he needs to stop at 7-eleven because he needs batteries for his camera he’s known for an entire year that this trip was coming but didn’t think about batteries until we’re on our way out of town don’t be that guy prepare for the hunt days or weeks out now that also means carrying with you survival equipment commensurate with the situation you’re in your needs and your abilities now you see I’ve got my LBV on and I use this just out of habit but whether you have an L BV or a fanny pack or a backpack you’ve got to have the stuff you need but not so much stuff that your pack becomes heavy and is burdens them and you leave it in the truck now I’ve got extra ammunition I’ve got a compass I’ve got my pistol add two canteens in this pack back here I’ve got cold-weather gear I have a poncho I have snacks I have all kinds of stuff like that I have medical equipment I’ve got a pressure dressing right here and the list goes on and you have to carry whatever is necessary for you now another thing in preparing for the hunt you see I always carry these small BIOS I really don’t like scopes on hunting rifles a scope can be very useful for a lot of things I’m just not a big fan of them but the thing with the scope is when you’re just looking at the area seeing what’s going on remember every time you use your scope as a telescope you’re aiming at something with the by nose I can look through these and say yeah that’s a cow without having to point my rifle at it now another thing about getting prepared to go hunting is preparing yourself doing your stretches doing your workouts and doing these things weeks out not the night before you don’t want to pick opening morning while you’re trying to put a deer in the back of the pickup to determine how much you can deadlift you should be working out beforehand

yes I know a lot easier said than done also things like you’re probably going to wear a good pair of outdoor boots you got to get those on your feet and work out those boots and your feet doing some walks days or weeks ahead of time you don’t want a giant blister on your foot opening day and again I could go on for hours I just wanted to get a very short version of you have to prepare for going hunting okay we’re back in the house and it’s time for point five on my top-five list and that is be very skeptical of people who claim to be experts in deer hunting I realized that might sound counter to everything I’ve said so far but remember at the beginning I did say I was gonna make this a top-five list in part because I only know five things about deer hunting I could bore you for hours with anecdotes of all the crazy things people have told me over the years about deer hunting I’m gonna narrow it down to just two one is I went hunting I’m still hunting walking through the forest came across a place where people were using corn to bait deer well I ended up coming out on this logging road meet up with the guy who offers to give me a ride back around to my truck well that was nice and on this ride I’m telling him about what I’d found and he tells me deer don’t eat corn every farmer I’ve ever talked to that grew corn has told me about how the deer decimate his crop you buy dried corn to put in your deer feeder I can’t even imagine how this guy came up with the notion that deer don’t eat corn now another time

I was talking to somebody who really is a very skilled deer hunter and I was telling him about how the next day I was gonna go down this path by a stream that I had discovered so I thought the deer were bedded down in that area and he tells me that deer don’t bed down by streams as if he’d read that right out of the deer rule book well I went down pasture not found a deer bedded down by the stream I guess that deer hadn’t read the rule book now in this case he’s not mistaken he is purposely giving me disinformation that’s just the kind of guy he is and that’s why none of us hunt with him anymore and that’s the thing about people who claim to be experts is you’re going to get a lot of false information from them either unintentionally or intentionally so what you’ve got to do is figure things out for yourself try some different stuff and see what works and go hunting with somebody that’s hopefully trustworthy now this is the part in the video where I normally say don’t try this at home on what you call a professional well I know you’re all gonna try this at home and so what I will say is after deer season this fall send me a picture of the deer!

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